About Us
To incite means "to provoke to action or to promote the activity or development of."

With this definition in mind, IncitePERFORMANCE strives to develop organizations and their people. Our primary purpose is to maximize the overall performance of organizations -- both top- and bottom-line results -- through the effective utilization and motivation of its human resources. Ultimately, by optimizing the capabilities and potential of employees, superior business outcomes are realized.

Partnering with organizations and individuals, we serve as catalysts to improve productivity, profitability, and performance through the implementation of a wide spectrum of proven organizational and human resource development solutions.

We deliver effective, realistic, organizationally-appropriate, and sustainable solutions that maximize customer and employee loyalty, align business strategies with actions and execution, increase levels of engagement within the workplace, and fully utilize the expertise and experience of people.

Overall, we positively impact an organization by assisting them in setting a vision and direction, building and enhancing their bench strength, and driving and reinforcing effective performance over time.

As for IncitePERFORMANCE?S approach to working with clients, we seek to first understand the organization -- its business challenges, market pressures, and human resource concerns -- before making any suggestions or offering any solutions. Once we understand the issues confronting the business, we identify the best solutions to unleash the potential of its employees. Then, we continue to evaluate, and modify as needed, processes and interventions as the business grows and evolves over time.

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